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Custom Meal Preparation


How does this work? (1 Meal for 7 Days)

These meals are designed for athletes that are competing or training for a particular event OR individuals that have food allergies/specific food requirements and are following a strict diet regime. If this is not you, we suggest you take a look at our regular menu. Click here

Step 1: Select seasoning, Yes OR No. See notes below for more information.

Step 2: Select your protein.

Step 3: Select your protein weight.

Step 4: Select your carbohydrate or ‘None’ for plain protein/veg meals.

Step 5: Select your carbohydrate weight.

Step 6: Select your vegetables.

Step 7: Select your vegetables weight.

Step 8: Click ‘Add to cart’

This will give you 7 meals (Mon-Sun, 1 meal a day) with the protein, carbohydrates and vegetables of your selection.

Repeat steps 1 to 8 as many times as needed to create the remainder of your meals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note all proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables are cooked WITHOUT oils, salt, marinades, sauces, seasoning etc. If you would like to add any seasoning, please be sure to select ‘Yes’ in the drop down box above. If you select ‘Yes’ to add seasoning, we use Flavor God seasoning as they are healthy, fresh and do not add any extra calories to your meal. If you select ‘No’ your meals will be provided completely plain.