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Chicken Tenders & Yam Fries (Family Pack)

Chicken breast tenders tossed in a sweet paprika, garlic and panko breadcrumb batter, baked to crunchy perfection served with our famous yam fries and garden salad. The perfect dinner for a family of 4 OR dinner and lunch the next day for a couple. Family size meal comes with 700g cooked chicken tenders, 700g cooked yams, and a garden salad. Simply reheat and serve, no cooking required! Nutritional information is based on a standard serving (100g chicken, 100g yams & garden salad).This product is made in a facility where gluten, nuts & dairy products are used. If you have any serious allergies please inquire with us prior to ordering.
Ingredients: chicken breast, eggs, oil, panko breadcrumbs, flour, garlic powder, paprika, salt, yams, seasonal garden salad (lettuce, tomato etc).