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Muscle Growth is achieved through training, recovery and fueling your muscles with the right nutrients!

Muscle growth (hypertrophy) is an increase in size of the skeletal muscle which makes them bigger and stronger. Exercise is needed to stimulate the muscle tissue and create small tears which your body will repair with sufficient protein.

Two factors contribute to muscle growth:

  1. Carbohydrate intake which increases glycogen storage and provides your muscle with energy to exercise.
  2. Protein intake which allows muscles to repair and growth.

The correct calories and nutrients are required to achieve muscle growth, consistency with eating and training will provide the best results.

Movement Food provides healthy meals that have sufficient protein for muscle growth and carbs for energy. Use our barcode tracking system to ensure you're maximizing your training and get the results you want in the gym


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As a general rule of thumb, we suggest;

MALES - consume an average of 2700-3200 calories and a minimum of 70 grams fat per day to reach your muscle building goals. Optimal growth requires sufficient protein, carb and fat consumption and 

FEMALES - consume an average of 1700-2400 calories and a minimum of 30 grams fat per day to reach your goals, these are rough number that can be made precise with coaching!