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Have your cake and eat it 🎂

Did you know that you can indeed have your cake and eat it, as they say!

All it takes is being accountable to your food by tracking calories, knowing what nutrients are in it and then you can remove restrictions that encourage short spurts of consistency.

If that one slice of cake has 169 calories and that's all its going to take to prevent you over indulging and exceeding your required calories, wouldn't it make sense to account for it, know its value and stay on track with your goals for the day?

With 5 minutes a day you can stay on track with Movement Food and MyFitnessPal!

Watch the video below to learn how to track you calories now and stay on track

Movement Food is a Meal Preparation and Coaching Service providing Healthy Meals for convenience, fitness, weight loss and muscle building.

If you need don't have time to prepare healthy meals for your meal plan, let us know your interested and we can help get you started!