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Hate Cardio? Burn Fat in the kitchen

Cardio, You hate it. Admit it, well some of us do.

A lot of people think cardio is the key to getting lean. And most people would agree that lifting weights puts on the muscle, while cardio burns the calories. And that both can be done in order to achieve the body you want. But, by definition, cardio is anything that raises your heart rate for an extended period of time. We hear cardio and think of the traditional means, like trudging for hours on the treadmill or elliptical, but really, with that definition, cardio can be anything. Like - your favorite things - lifting weights, walking the dog or cleaning the house.... maybe not.

Fat loss is achieved through knowledge, understanding what causes weight loss is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

To keep it simple the best way to look at fat loss is to think of your body as a machine, it requires a certain amount of calories to run each day (base metabolic rate) and to lose fat you must manipulate your intake for your goals.

If you create a gap between your calorie intake and what your body burns, being a survival mechanism your body will metabolize fat to maintain homeostasis.


Unless you understand how many calories your body requires, you could do cardio day and night and see absolutely no progression.

With very little effort and about 3-5 minutes a day you can achieve the fat loss you want with Movement Food. Movement food meals come with a special tracking system that allows you to scan the barcodes and tally up your intake for the day and make sure your achieve your calorie goals set by your personal nutrition coach.


Are you ready to take the steps to achieve the fat loss you want? 

Get our 4 part series on how to lose weight and achieve the results you want, this contains everything you need to get started.