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Fat And Its Effect In Weight Loss

For decades, people have believed that a low-fat diet helps them lose weight. However, scientists found out that fat is an essential part of a nutritious diet and is beneficial in losing weight and maintaining it. Although fat is beneficial, not all fats are good for your health and for losing weight. 

What fats should you include in your diet?

You should include fats from unsaturated sources. Good sources of unsaturated fats include fish, seeds, olive oil, and avocados which are  packed with nutrients . These fat-enriched foods lower LDL or bad cholesterol and promote a healthy heart. Other healthy sources of fats are fatty acids commonly found in fish and saturated fat found in lean meat consumed in moderate amounts . You can burn fat without decreasing calorie intake. 

If this is surprising to you, you might be interested in finding out the reason why.  When food manufacturers remove fat in processed food, they substitute sugars and processed carbohydrates to make the food tasty and appealing. Thus, when you munch on food with empty nutrients, your body is actually processing a lot of sugars. Eventually, these sugars contribute to weight gain and an increase of LDL in the blood. It may even increase your risk of diabetes.

Why is fat essential in losing weight?

New fat helps burn old fat. Aside from carbohydrates and protein, your body needs fat in the metabolic process. A study shows that the body can burn old fat by using new fat. New fat introduced into the body activates PPAR-alpha and fat-burning mechanisms of the liver. Thus, if you eliminate fat entirely in your diet, your body does not have the “fuel” to burn those fats stored in your belly, thighs, and arms.

digestive system longer than the other nutrients. Thus, it makes you feel full. Taken in moderation, you won’t feel “hungry” after a mealtime. You won’t even have the urge to eat snacks in between meals. That’s why in one study, dieters who consume moderate amounts of fat lose more weight than those dieters who eat a low-fat diet.

Fat helps build muscles. This could be even more surprising for most people. Since new fat burns old fat, your body will have an easier time building muscle. Fat hastens metabolism of protein and protein synthesis are essential in building muscles.

Fat makes you healthier. You need vitamins A, E, D and K to maintain healthy bodily functions. Your body cannot absorb these vitamins and essential minerals without fat. The reason is the fat-solubility of these vitamins. This means that fat is essential for breaking them down into soluble nutrients so that your blood can distribute these vitamins to the proper recipients in your body.


Not all fat is dangerous to your health. Fatty acids such as monounsaturated fats are essential in making you healthier and leaner. These fats are needed in absorbing other essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates for your body. When taken in moderation, you may lose weight and can maintain your ideal weight.

If you doubt the benefits of including fats in your diet, always consult your doctor about what is good or bad for your health.

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