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6 Ways To Kill Cravings

Everybody has cravings and here are some ways to overcome yours:

Every day is a cheat day when you have the CRAVINGS. It’s the ultimate obstacle to that strict diet you’ve been planning and the slim waist you’ve been wanting. Seeing the cold, delicious, and creamy ice cream or that chocolate cake in the fridge that keeps gnawing at your mind every minute, just screaming ‘eat me’ every time you open the fridge. Or how about that the pizza in the pizza box just keeps seducing you with its hot cheese and delicious veggies on top.

1. Water it down

Getting thirsty may trigger hunger which in turn may wake up your cravings. Drinking water and staying hydrated may prevent your cravings and help control hunger. Another way is to literally water it down by drinking two glasses of water and eating an ounce of nuts. This can extinguish cravings in about 20 minutes due to the change of body chemistry.

2. Abandon ship!

If you’re having an idea to eat those chocolate bars stuck in your fridge, abandon the idea! Avoid the foods you know you will crave when you see them. The longer you avoid your cravings then you may less likely want to give in.

Instead of giving in to the cravings you may want to get another type of food instead. This may be hard as it will require willpower not to pick up that chocolate bar, but if you switch to eating fruits and vegetables, you may crave for healthier foods instead. 

3. The 21 day challenge

It takes 21 days to break a habit. If you have a habit of eating junk foods everyday, then you might want to stop eating it for 21 days. Instead of reaching out for junk food, you might want to reach out for healthier food options. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are great alternatives. 

4. Avoid the stress

Stress eating is real. It’s not a lousy excuse, it’s the real deal. Having pent up stress is a trigger for craving certain food. Having a relaxing hobby or indulging yourself in a relaxing day at the spa can reduce stress levels and in turn reduce your cravings. 

5. Distract yourself

If you feel that you want that ice cream better try and do something else. Cravings usually do not last long. Try distracting yourself with different activities you can think of except for eating. You’ll find yourself no longer needing that ice cream after a good long walk or even an hour of exercising. Cravings are usually the result of boredom. Am I hungry? Or am I just bored?

6. To go or not to go

Your friend invited you for a night out, to go or not to go? It’s actually your decision. Giving in to your craving is actually a choice. Sure, you may say no and avoid your cravings, however you may say yes eventually. But, saying yes means there’s a limit. Indulging yourself once in a while isn’t bad but you have to do it in moderation. 

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