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Ryan Burns talks with Musclefood.ca

Quick Stats:

Age: 32
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 190lbs contest / 220 offseason

Social Media:

How did you get started?

Growing up i was always involved in sports. I played hockey, baseball and trained for my lifeguard certification. I started strength training for the purpose of becoming a better athlete. I have been training for physique competition for almost two years now. Lifting is my passion and it is something I will do for the rest of my life. 

What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

The thing that drives me to push harder is my competition. I compete in a talent rich division and I am highly competitive. I respect what my competition brings to the stage and it drives me to work harder.

What is your current training philosophy?

My training programs are constantly changing. My physique is always improving. My training systems are based on Micro, Meso, and macro cycles. This way I can achieve short, medium and long-term goals. During my off season i always attempt to address weak points in my physique. This means adding muscle in areas that are lagging behind. My Philosophy for this phase of training is simple lift heavy. During contest preparation my training will be more metabolic. Weight will decrease while volume will increase. And the cardiovascular component will make up a great deal of my training.

What is your approach to nutrition? 

The success or failure of this approach will be greatly determined by my nutritional plan. I work on my contest diet with nutritionist IFBB Pro Lisa Giesbrecht. She customizes my macro and micro nutrients for both phases of training. During the offseason caloric intake is increased. We "clean bulk" with lean cuts off protein, complex carbohydrates and heart healthy fats. We always utilize single ingredient food items. Nothing that is processed is included in my nutritional plan. This approach to nutrition is a lifestyle. On season or off my macros are always accounted for and my diet is closely monitored. Offseason i will consume around 2800 calories per day. On season will start around 2000 and may be slowly decreased over a 16 week period.

What does your supplementation look like?

My dietary supplement program is extensive. I consume a multivitamin, EFA'S, B 100 complex, whey isolate, glutamine, bcaa and creatine. Vitamins and fats i consume with breakfast. Glutamine, bcaa and creatine I consume pre and intra workout. And I will drink 75 grams whey isolate between meals to keep protein intake high.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

My biggest accomplishment has been winning the 2016 Knight of Champions physique division tall class.

Favourite Quote:

My favorite quote is; "when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful"